New coat joy

Woo hoo! There’s a chill in the air (occasionally) and the September issues have been bought and consumed. I am ready to move forward and experience new coat joy. And what joy is in store!


Not only is the coat pink trend from last year carrying through into this season – confirmed by none other than Elle’s Lorraine Candy - but I managed to snap one up for a mere £14 from Matalan. OK, I bought it in July and it was a complete punt, but still, a coat for £14? I think that’s an epic win in anyone’s book.

filtered photo 2

This is most definitely a fun coat for me, as in all likelihood I won’t be able to wear it in a few months (or even next week, judging by the current pregnancy appetite) but also because it is so trendy, being pink n’all. Having said that, it does some rather snappy detailing.

filtered photo 3

The collarless shape and zip fastening help to streamline the coat so it doesn’t appear too fussy. Adding a blunt shoe, like the Birkenstocks I’m sporting or another ugly-style sandal, will help to de-girlify the coat if sugary isn’t your bag.


Clearly, I’m in casual mode here but I’m looking forward to the first real nip in the weather so I can sling this on with some tailored black trousers and a brogue. A statement handbag, such as a fabulous structured handbag, would complete the look rather nicely thank you very much.

Get ready, autumn: I’m coming to get you.

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