Sneaker Problems

Kicks, strides, sneakers, trainers – whatever you call ‘em, I gotta problem with ‘em.

It’s not that I don’t like them. No, it’s that I LOVE them. Having been reared on a diet of movies like Heathers and Clueless, the notion of wearing a trainer for leisure, especially with jeans (God forbid), was entirely alien to me. Of course, I had a flirtation with L.A. Gear trainers after going to Florida in 1992, and again in 2001 when I went to New York and discovered that skate shops actually existed, but that was it. Trainers were synonymous with a lack of style or with exercise, an unholy alliance if ever there was one.

But that all changed when Converse All Stars started popping up all over the place, and especially on the feet of the parka-wearing yummy mummies that were my secret heroes when reading magazines about women who live in Primrose Hill and have their own online businesses selling kaftans from Sri Lanka. Since then, well…..

Scary thing is, that isn’t even my whole collection! I have three pairs of trainers for sport, another pair of wedges caught under my husband’s work boot (ewww, stinky) and a pair of plimsolls that I can’t find. Oh, and the emergency pair at work for when my shoes become stabbing little torture devices after a day of work.


The main problem is that there are just too many choices around at the moment, as the monthlies have started to attest to.


My problem is that I like every flavour on offer. What trainer tribe am I? Ummm, all of them?


I started with the classic Converse, my first beloved pair accompanying me to Egypt and India. My new Christmas pair will hopefully give the pinkies a wee rest.


Then I got all into the wedges, even wearing this ASOS pair to the Vogue Festival last year (when I met Sasha Wilkins of the Liberty London Girl blog *major swoon*).


And then I got all up in the face of the Vans-style plimsolls although I was typically too cheap to indulge fully. This red pair are from Primark and got rather demolished during my trip to Mexico last year (it was an all-inclusive hotel. What more can I say?).


I took a little dance past leopard print, with diamantes no less…..


…. Until I arrived at my current destination at the slip-on trainer. These are by Zara (the monotone) and Next, no less!


These are just too easy to wear, looking cute on tight-covered feet with skirts or dresses, and perfect for the commute. I am going to try not to buy anymore which should be easier now that I’m feeling a more sporty vibe…..


The hi-tops are quite old but the New Look pair just seem to pull a cool shirt + skinny jean outfit together perfectly. And now that big sis has been seduced by a proper sporty Nike Air Max pair, who knows what’s going to happen next?

What do we think, eh? A sneaker too far or, in the immortal words of MJ, don’t stop ‘til you get enough? Yeah, you’re right. I pity the fool that disagrees with a classic MJ toon. OWW!*

*As Michael used to say. No, I did not stub my toe. Philistines.

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