Dr Martens Church 2

Covetables: Dr Martens Church Boots

Dr Martens Church boot – £110 I tried these on as part of my birthday shopping trip and loved them. The shop alas did not have my size, but I am still coveting the Dr Martens Church boot very much. The photos belie how almost delicate these look in the flesh; the oxblood version isRead More

Body Scrub

& Other Stories Body Scrub

When the new store & Other Stories was due to open, it was like Christmas on crack for fashionistas. The newer, more high-end version of our beloved H&M was met with a crescendo of enthusiasm but sadly I, sorry little wannabe style-setter that I am, was, ahem, rather at the back of the queue. ToRead More

heart sand

On living with M

I lived in a house with one or more parents until I was 34.  Seeing that written down feels weird, but for the most part that’s because other people reading it will find it weird; while there were frustrations, sharing a house with my mum didn’t get in the way of much and there’s alwaysRead More


My Perfect Base

Flat and dirty-looking: this has, at times, been the unfortunate result of attempting to find a decent foundation.  On my face for all to see, and as a woman who thinks she lacks planes and edges on her visage, this is particularly Not Ideal.  I  have struggled for a long time to find a baseRead More

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