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& Other Stories Body Scrub

When the new store & Other Stories was due to open, it was like Christmas on crack for fashionistas. The newer, more high-end version of our beloved H&M was met with a crescendo of enthusiasm but sadly I, sorry little wannabe style-setter that I am, was, ahem, rather at the back of the queue. ToRead More

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On living with M

I lived in a house with one or more parents until I was 34.  Seeing that written down feels weird, but for the most part that’s because other people reading it will find it weird; while there were frustrations, sharing a house with my mum didn’t get in the way of much and there’s alwaysRead More


My Perfect Base

Flat and dirty-looking: this has, at times, been the unfortunate result of attempting to find a decent foundation.  On my face for all to see, and as a woman who thinks she lacks planes and edges on her visage, this is particularly Not Ideal.  I  have struggled for a long time to find a baseRead More


True Moments When I have Lived

I stumbled across a quote from Oscar Wilde on Pinterest the other day that read, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” Aside from my first reaction, which was disappointment at reading this on a social media site as opposed to a dusty tome (that’ll be the middle classRead More


Sneaker Problems

Kicks, strides, sneakers, trainers – whatever you call ‘em, I gotta problem with ‘em. It’s not that I don’t like them. No, it’s that I LOVE them. Having been reared on a diet of movies like Heathers and Clueless, the notion of wearing a trainer for leisure, especially with jeans (God forbid), was entirely alienRead More

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