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What is Pity Party?

Cast your mind back to the dim and distant past of 2009….. The word ‘blog’ was just beginning to take hold and people were using them as a way to vent and share. Fast forward to now and to blog essentially means to have your own business: to invent and market brand You and, for many people, strive towards the ultimate job goal of full-time blogger. It’s like we can all be mini Carrie Bradshaws only without the deadlines (and glamour?).

So, in an age where it feels like everyone blogs about everything, how can any one blog be different? Well, I’ll tell you. It can’t be. EVERYTHING has been done somewhere in the world. Perhaps the only slither of difference is honesty. Pity Party was born out of the secondary needs of its’ authors, me and Loz, to be honest. The primary need was to write something, anything, for our own joy and the potential amusement or education of others. But how to do that when one is, essentially, not an expert on anything?

So, without any feet in the worlds of politics, fashion, beauty, film, music, or anything else, but with a strong lust for ALL of them, we decided to write a blog on just that: things that we like but on which we have no insider or professional insight. And because we felt sorry for ourselves and our lack of ‘officialdom’, we decided to name the site Pity Party. But it also kinda captures that light-and-shade mix of serious and silly articles we’re aiming for. Ya geddit???

For my part, I sincerely hope you enjoy our opinionated articles, searingly insightful recipes, somewhat photo-iffy fashion pieces and everything inbetween. Revel in the fact that you might not know too much either and join us for a pity party every week. And you don’t even need to RSVP. Legen————(wait for it, wait for it)——DARY!

Lots of love,

Kathryn xx

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